After my incorporation at the end of 2010 to the research group LabIC (TEP-001 of PAIDI) many research projects have been performanced.

Currently I have with the company GUAMAR. We are developing Technology Watch as well as various R & D projects focused on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Construction. All the advances can be consulted in GUAMAR I+D+i.

Lately, I have been trying to consolidate the risk management research line. A lot of times project risk arise because a behavioural problem (social dimension) and with a marked subjective load (risk is not perceived in the same way by all the agents present in any project, neither in its consequences ).

This is the reason why I need to apply social research techniques, and I will try not to die in the attempt as I believe that no steps have yet been taken, from a pragmatic point of view, to manage risk correctly in engineering projects.