Short CV

I am a PhD. MEng MSc (Environmental Technologies) and  Civil Engineer .

I worked for the public administration (Diputación de Granada) and for private companies, (constractors and advisor).

I held technical and management positions until reach the position of CEO at Andaluza de Señalizaciones, S.A. (a facilities maintenance company)

During all this time (1993-2000) I was a part-time associate professor at the University of Granada.

Since 2000, I am a full-time worker at the University of Granada, holding various positions until today when I am Professor of the University of the Engineering Projects Area of the Department of Construction Engineering and Engineering Projects of the University of Granada.

After many years of professional and teaching experience I believe more and more that what is important in any project are people (how they stablish their relationship, how they communicate, how they interact, how they negotiate, … ) That is the main reason why I currently put my efforts into teaching as topics related to «performance» rather than those related to «deliverables».

I maintain a continuous collaboration with companies and institutions. In this way I keep my most applied knowledge up to date, which allows me to pass it on to my students later on.

The exchange of knowledge, and why not say it, the learning of economic agents and the rest of society is a great opportunity for improvement as a university professor.

My academic activity is about::

  • Evaluation of Engineering Projects
  • Project Management and all its components.
  • Optimisation of public procurement models.
  • Sustainability / Life cycle / Carbon footprint / Circular economy