Time Management

The project manager’s time competence is one of the other practice competences included in the Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4) of the International Project Management Association (IPMA)

To develop this competence of the project manager you will need to:

  • Determine the necessary activities.
  • Determine the necessary effort and duration.
  • Determine the focus of the phases.
  • Sequence the activities and plan the duration.
  • Manage the timing.

Time management in projects is ruled by the same principles as time management in our lives. Because of this, Laura Vanderkam’s tips will help to you in the difficult task of time management.

Laura Vanderkam, a well-known time management expert, reminds us how to plan the tasks of our daily projects. She offers some practical strategies for finding more time for what matters to us, so that we can «build the lives we want in the time we have.


You know another way to find 32 minutes to exercise? Don’t watch two hours of TV a day, right? The idea is we’ll save bits of time here and there, add it up, we will finally get to everything we want to do.


Everything we do, every minute We spend, is our choice. We don’t have time to do x, y or z. We don’t do x, y or z because it’s not a priority.» «We don’t have time,» often means «It’s not a priority.» If you think about it, that’s really more accurate language. But we are smart people, and certainly over the long run, we have the power to fill our lives with the things that deserve to be there.


Please, take a little bit of time every week to make yourself a three-category priority list for the next week:

  1. Career,
  2. Relationships,
  3. Self

Making a three-category list reminds us that there should be something in all three categories. Career, we think about; relationships, self — not so much. But anyway, just a short list, two to three items in each. Then look out over the whole of the next week, and see where you can plan them in.


And remember, there are 168 hours in a week. Twenty-four times seven is 168 hours. That is a lot of time. If you are working a full-time job, so 40 hours a week, sleeping eight hours a night, so 56 hours a week — that leaves 72 hours for other things. That is a lot of time.

There was once a study comparing people’s estimated work weeks with time diaries. They found that people claiming 75-plus-hour work weeks were off by about 25 hours. That means we never must to plan more than 50 hours work a week because we are going to waste our time and we will feel sad and tired!

If you want to hear his full TED talk on time management you can do so at the following link:

Finally, I would like to share to famous saying about time:

  • To choose the right time is to save time. Francis Bacon.
  • The three most difficult things in the world are keeping a secret, forgive a grievance and take the time. Benjamin Franklin

And thank you very much for your time (remember that it is everyone’s most precious gift).