Directed and ongoing PhD Theses

Being a PhD advisor is one of the best instruments for the development of different lines of research, involving the realization of unpublished contributions in the different lines of work, even facilitating the projection of new horizons of research.

I have been the advisor or co-advisor of seven PhD Theses. The subject has been always related to Project Management, risk management and project general issues.

Some ot the titles are:

  • Evaluation and proposal of a model for calculating energy demand in residential buildings based on the study of height and the integration of photovoltaic solar energy systems.
  • Urban Road Pavement Management System. Application to the city of Granada (Author: Juan Carreras López. March 2004).
  • Analysis of profitability of mini-hydroelectric plants. Applicability of the concept of risk as opposed to traditional models (Author: Mª Mar serrano López – March 2004).
  • Study of the functioning of the Quality and Environmental Management Systems in the construction sector of the Community of Madrid (Author: Gracia Rodríguez Jerónimo. December 2006).
  • Analysis, study and development of viability of Wind Power Plants through the incorporation of risk models in the estimation of traditional economic indicators.
  • Development of an administrative management model for the maintenance of the road network of the State of Lara, Venezuela. (Doctoral candidate: Ms. Gloria Escobar de Camacho. October 2006).

Currently I have three PhD candidates working on:

  1. Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  2. Astronomic Observatories (Proam)
  3. Sustainability Ranking Systems.