Project Management (Grade: Civil Engineering )

This subject of 4th Course is structured in two perfectly delimited parts: Theory and Practices. It is important to keep in mind that both blocks have a markedly professional orientation and therefore try to familiarize the student with the concepts, forms, styles and rules that should be used in their immediate professional future.

In the first, the Theory, the generalities of the project are developed, stages through which a project passes, instruments and tools of interest, the Law of Contracts with Public Administrations, the logical structure of the Feasibility Study and the Construction Project, tools of Quality Management, Prevention and the Environment, etc.

The Practices are developed simultaneously to the theory, and consist of the elaboration of diverse cases of each one of the annexes, documents and parts that conform a construction project. Most of them are individual and their delivery is mandatory to pass the subject.

The basic bibliography is:

  • Martínez, G. et al (2007). “Organización y Gestión de Proyectos y Obras”. McGraw-Hill Interamericana. Madrid

Final Degree Dissertation (Civil Engineering).

During the last year of the degree (4º) it is mandatory to carry out a Final Degree Dissertation – TFG.

The TFG represents a global work of the studies of Civil Engineering. Consequently, it has to show that the student knows how to apply the gained knowledge.