About me

I am a PhD. MEng MSc (Environmental Technologies) and  Civil Engineer .

Currently I am a Full Professor in the Engineering Projects Area of the UGR.

After many years of professional and teaching experience I believe more and more that what is important in any project are people (how they relate, how they communicate, how they interact, how they negotiate, … ) That is the main reason why I currently put my efforts into teaching as topics related to «performance» rather than those related to «deliverables».

I maintain a continuous collaboration with companies and institutions. In this way I keep my most applied knowledge up to date, which allows me to pass it on to my students later on.

The exchange of knowledge, and why not say it, the learning of economic agents and the rest of society is a great opportunity for improvement as a university professor.

Now, I am trying to learn a little more about Project Management Mothodologies. OpenPM2 by European Commission is in the core of my research.

From now and for the next three years I am going to face an amazing challenge as a Jean Monnet Chair Holder on PM2.