When we must use a Project Management Methodology

When to carry out a project is decided, it is not always necessary to apply a project management methodology in a structured and formal way, with all its components, processes, tools, documents, logs, etc. We have to put in the core of our management activities the project’s deliverables, the outputs and definitely the outcomes expected … Leer más When we must use a Project Management Methodology

Something in changing. Open PM2 vs PMBoK Seventh Edition

In project management, PMBoK has been a worldwide reference, both in terms of knowledge and in terms of professional certification. The six existing editions of the PMBoK have included and defined all the areas, phases and respective processes, where inputs and outputs played a main role. The next edition of PMBoK, the seventh, has a … Leer más Something in changing. Open PM2 vs PMBoK Seventh Edition

Time Management

The project manager’s time competence is one of the other practice competences included in the Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4) of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) To develop this competence of the project manager you will need to: Determine the necessary activities. Determine the necessary effort and duration. Determine the focus of the phases. Sequence … Leer más Time Management

Project Management Methodologies

Every time a new methodology in project management is developed, the possibility of being certified arises. To become a good project manager essentially two facts are needed: Knowledge of how to manage all the components and conditions of a project (time, cost, quality, scope, stakeholders, communication, etc.) The skills to develop each of the activities … Leer más Project Management Methodologies

Tengo una buena noticia

Confirmado, cada vez tengo más claro que determinados medios de comunicación (quizás demasiados) adolecen de un comportamiento ético en lo profesional. Es un hecho constatado que no respetan la imprescindible separación de los que es “editorial” y de lo que son “hechos constatados y contrastados”.  La forma de construir, redactar y maquetar todas las noticias las … Leer más Tengo una buena noticia