Welcome to my personal website where you can find information about teaching, researching and knowledge transfering.

Currently I am Professor at the University of Granada. I teach mainly in various centres and degrees of the University of Granada as well as in other university centres where I try to teach a little bit about project management.

Over the years my academic and professional perspective has evolved from Engineering Projects to Project Management. It is not only a word switch. Project Management includes essential aspects in the development of projects such as communication, negotiation, risk, stakeholder management, the social dimension, etc.

I am currently working in depth on the PM2 Project Management Methodology, developed by the European Commission, which since 2016 has an Open character (universal use just by citing the source). PM2 is a light methodology and incorporates many of the best practices in project management of the most used international standards.

The great advantage of PM2 is its practical approach, «what and how to do» for which it has a series of very useful templates.

Research is a fundamental pillar in a university professor’s career and so I take part of the LabIC research group, where I develop various lines of research:

  • Project risk management,
  • Public procurement,
  • Optimisation of the project life cycle and
  • Sustainability of materials, processes and projects.